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The Lumenis M22 IPL laser is the latest laser in the field of cosmetic industry. Its unique technology combines the best IPL treatment with the most effective non-ablative fractional and Nd:YAG lasers in one device! The technicians at Aloria Skin Care & Laser Center will help assist the best treatment for your skin type and condition.

*Disclaimer: Results vary from patient to patient. Results are not guaranteed.


The IPL module utilizes SapphireCool Light Guides to provide continuous cooling to maximize patient comfort during the procedure. The IPL module is a proven method of minimizing the appearance of:

  • Pigmented lesions
  • Unwanted hair
  • Vascular lesions
  • Rosacea
  • Sun Damage
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

Am I A Good Candidate?

If you are a healthy individual looking to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, scars, hyperpigmentation, or veins, you may be a good candidate. This treatment is great for improving the overall look of the face, neck, chest, back, and hands. The best way to find out if the Lumenis M22 is right for you is to schedule a consultation with one of our certified technicians at Aloria Skin Care & Laser Center.

Schedule A Consultation

Skin treatments with the Lumenis M22 IPL Laser are relatively quick and painless and performed in the office by one of our certified technicians. Schedule a consultation to see if you are a candidate for laser skin treatments with this cutting-edge technology!

Consultations are complimentary.

Book your IPL Appointment!

Call us at 248-893-6022 or fill out the form below and we will give you a call within 48 business hours!